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API Solutions

IBISWorld’s API Solutions gives you seamless access to credible,
up-to-date industry research to power your enterprise-wide systems.

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a software intermediary that allows IBISWorld’s
database and your systems to talk to each other, so you can see our data on your system in real time.
IBISWorld API Solutions
Our API clients use IBISWorld data in their learning management systems (LMS), Credit Risk systems,
CRM systems, intranets, ERP systems, SAP systems and internal knowledge hubs.

Advantages of API

With IBISWorld’s API Solutions, your company can access all report data points,
including numbers, analysis, charts, graphs and data behind the infographics to:

doneStandardize and optimize processes
doneCombine internal and external data
doneAuto-populate fields
doneImprove efficiency and decision making
doneReduce manual steps and automate tasks
doneDeliver data directly to end users
doneStreamline modeling
doneConsolidate resources

API for Commercial Banks


Deliver Insights Directly to Users

Auto-populate CRM systems and equip frontline staff with industry-specific questions, issues and talking points. Automate client deliverables, such as pre-call planning documents, customer presentations and leave-behind collateral.


Automate Internal Processes

Deliver industry information into your credit decision-making process to reduce the number of manual steps and free up time to analyze creditworthiness.


Streamline Risk Scoring

Combine internal bank data with external sector and industry information. Automate industry scorecards. Access the most up-to-date information to report on high level trends and drill down into granular insights at the customer level.

Click the image above to open a PDF: IBISWorld's Data & Insights Meet Your Favorite Banking Platforms
Click the image above to open a PDF: Build Custom Dashboards with IBISWorld's API Solutions

What Commercial Banks Say About IBISWorld’s API Solutions

Being able to customize IBISWorld’s data feed for our Relationship Managers has really enabled us to have better and more informed conversations with our clients.

Customer Satisfaction Manager Global Commercial Bank
Truist is using the IBISWorld API to serve up relevant industry research content to our bankers ahead of their client and prospect calls. The technical team pulls images of charts, financial figures and written summaries from the IBISWorld industry, iExpert and BED reports. This information is fed into client-facing materials that the banker leverages in their client conversations. The primary benefit Truist has experienced a result of leveraging the IBISWorld API is increased banker efficiency in call preparation. Instead of manually researching each individual industry using the IBISWorld site, bankers submit requests for this material including the industry of the client or prospect. Then, automation technology pulls the exact charts, financial figures, and written summaries using APIs for the specific industry. Formatted content is proactively delivered to the banker via email. READ MORE
Commercial Community Bank Sales Enablement Truist Bank
Automate Your Workflow Today
Improve productivity by feeding industry information directly into
enterprise systems and templates.
(Documentation includes: Getting Started Guide with best practices and sample code, authentication and version documentation and FAQs)
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