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Our attorneys are better prepared to intelligently talk with our clients about their business needs, their industry, and their cases - thanks to the content of IBISWorld reports.

Evan Shenkman,
Director of Knowledge Management Counsel and Research
Ogletree Deakins

IBISWorld Client Success Stories - Ogletree Deakins
IBISWorld Client Success Stories - Ogletree Deakins

Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C. is a labor and employment defense firm comprising more than 850 lawyers throughout 53 offices across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

The firm comprises numerous practice groups, as well as many industry groups including: Airline and Railway; Construction Law; Defense Contracting; Energy; Healthcare; Higher Education; Hospitality; Life Sciences; Manufacturing; Retail; Sports and Entertainment; Staffing/PEO; and Trucking and Logistics. Evan Shenkman is the director of knowledge management counsel and research at Ogletree Deakins. In his role, Evan empowers the firm’s attorneys to collaborate more efficiently as teams and with clients.


What challenges do attorneys face

The very first tenet of Ogletree Deakins’ Client Pledge is “Understand your business and objectives.” This tenet requires Ogletree’s attorneys to be more than just experts on the various labor and employment laws affecting their clients and their cases; they have committed to a deeper, more holistic understanding of their clients’ business needs and industry pressures.


Obtaining industry knowledge

When Evan set out to help Ogletree’s attorneys find a resource to obtain detailed industry information about their clients, he evaluated numerous different potential vendors, including IBISWorld. After a series of lengthy conversations with a client relationship manager about how IBISWorld could provide deeper industry intelligence to his attorneys, Evan decided to subscribe to IBISWorld’s industry research reports.


Become an industry expert

Using IBISWorld’s comprehensive collection of industry research reports, Evan and his team can quickly educate themselves on the industries in which their clients operate, their competitors, and external market pressures that affect them. Whether preparing for initial pitches to bring in new business to the firm, or developing a deeper understanding about the businesses of their longstanding clients, attorneys at Ogletree Deakins have quickly become industry experts by reviewing IBISWorld’s reports, leading to a broader understanding of their clients’ business and objectives, better client service, and fulfillment of their Client Pledge.


Products used by Ogletree Deakins


Results of Using IBISWorld

Speak Intelligently with Clients - Ogletree Deakins use the detailed glossary of jargon and business terms in reports to help attorneys better communicate with their clients and prospects, building credibitility and enhancing relationship-buildiing.

Client Retention - Ogletree Deakins have found that their clients appreciate that Ogletree’s lawyers have invested the time to learn more about them and their industry.


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